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“A woman is the full circle.Within her the power to create,nurture & transform.”
-Diane Mariechild
Empowerment refers to increasing spiritual,political,social,educational or economic strength of individuals or community.Women Empowerment is the process in which women are enhanced to a greater level than before.In the ancient India,women were educated & wise.We know the name of Gargi,Lopamudra,Maitreyi who represent the glorious past of women in the Vedic Era.At that time,they had their self dignity.Later, women's position in Indian society deteriorated during the medieval period.They were tied up with the bondage of superstitions & customs that bounded them to go to outside of home. They did not have any right to protest.So they silently tolerated everything.But the present scenario is totally changed.In today’s India,women are a big part of the society.They have come forward in every respect.In the eve of twenty first century,women are seen in every field.They have changed their meaning to the world.Now,they not only raise their voice against the wrong,they grab their rights.Indian women have proved their existence to the world.So it can be called that they are successfully empowered.
While most of Indian women are shackled by limitations of different kinds, a small section sees barriers as challenges and reaches the top. Some of them are-Indira Gandhi,the First woman Prime Minister of independent India in 1966.Kiran Bedi,breaking the shackles of the male-dominated Indian Police Service,became the first woman IPS officer of India in the year 1972.Saina Nehwal,reached the quarter finals at the summer Olympics in Beijing. She is currently ranked number three in the world, at a time when the Chinese are dominating the field.Mary Kom, is a five-time World Boxing champion and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships.She is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing in the flyweight (51 kg) category and winning the bronze medal.Dr. T K Anuradha,a scientist from Indian Space Research Organisation, Bangalore, became the country’s first woman satellite fabricator.Paroma Roy Chowdhury,Director & Country Head, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Google India.Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation.Meera Sanyal, Chairperson and Country Executive for Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group).
Women Empowerment in India begins with their participation in different spheres of life. Education is the greatest need for this.In a developing country like India where ‘Poverty’ is a big word to concern,the word ‘Education’ remains far away.Here,the Empowerment of women is confined in a particular level.Recently,a global survey which looked into the level of economical empowerment of women in 128 countries, noted that with the second-largest population in the world, India has been ranked at a poor 115.In India,Most of the rural women are deprived of the minimum level educational opportunity.So Women Empowerment should be done to all around the country,each & every corner of India should have empowered women.In Hinduism,there is a Goddess named “Shakti”.The word “Shakti” means “Empowerment”.The origin of empowerment is a Goddess,a ‘woman’.So,every woman has their own power,because “Shakti” lives within them.The only thing they need is an urge from inside,to fulfill their dreams,awake their talent,persue their knowledge & go ahead.

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