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India is our motherland.We are all children of mother India.Our mother is very reach in culture.It is true that Indian civilization is built up on the very first day of its primary stage,based on the western specially the British culture.It was then needed truely to make a better India than the British age.But during some years,Indian has grown up a habit of adopting western culture rapidly,as they are making a new soul of them which is a pure western.Civilizations do meet manytimes but never has witnessed such impact as West has done on our India.It is reported that this is a unique feature of India only,where the culture of the west has penetrated so deep,far and wide that,the original Indian Culture has vanished somewhere.Each and every home,each and every step of life has been completely influenced by the west that it is so difficult today to recognize our Indian soul,Indian culture.Our food and foodhabits,dresses,attires,education,employment,celebration style even our reach Musical culture-songs,singing and dancing also have introduced themselves as a new look.Our life style also has been changed to a western one.It I true that the word CULTURE has been derived from a French word CULTURA which means to cultivate,to till,to grow.This reminds that when an Indin migrate from a developing country like India to a developed country like The America,London etc,he(or she) can easily cope up with the extremely new atmosphere and the ultramodern society of the new country.It helps and uplift them in a small time.Then none can insult them by callin ‘A fish out of water’.It is a good sign in the age of Globalisation,we are following the language English more and more from the past,in he case of schooling also.But,the Infuence of Western culture on Indian culture has both pros and cons.Western culture is based on the principles of MATERIALISM whereas Indian culture is based on the principles of SPIRITUALISM.Here comes the point of destroying one another.We must don’t this.Both of them has its own DNA i.e. its basic sense,loyality,moral values.We should follow them both.Because for today,we have to accept the goods of the Western culture avoiding the evils.But we should not demolish our Indian culture from its root.We should not chase the western culture always.After all,we are all Indian.We love our India,we respect our India.We have a beautiful culture and we should be awaken the Indian soul into us forever.
-Swarnali Nath

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