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VARANSI  - Where Music Meets The Divinity
“Babul mora, naihar chhuto hi jaye....”
A boat is waiting at the bank of the river, waiting for someone, to journey somewhere else. The night is escaping into a delightful dawn. The sky is wearing crimson, the river ‘Ganges’ is bathing with the first sunray. The sages are having their ‘holy deep’, the birds are waking from the long sleep..
Yes, this is ‘Varansi’, where the awakening is on the air. When you land your feet for the first time here, something heavenly starts to happen . All the blinks of your eyes, beats of your heart, want to tell you something, something really unspoken to you.
‘Varansi’, let you know who you really are. Search, find, or just only question to the ‘Kashi Viswanath’.. You will be answered, in your own way..
‘Varansi’, where the river ‘Ganges’ sings with the rhythm of ‘Thumri’, dance with the steps of ‘Kathak’, resonates with the strings of ‘Sitar’,or sheds tear for her bridal daughetr’s vidai, with the voice of ‘Shehnai’.
Varansi, where ‘Miracles’ do not wait to be happened..It just happen each and every moments, with you, and within you.
‘Varansi’, let you lost first...and then, helps to find yourself in the mirror of your heart. Don’t you need to buy any other memoir from here. Because ‘Varansi’, gifts you the story of your life, written in a divine glory.

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