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Hi I39m Naveen Take note - this is what Naveen is great at Social media Marketing consultation management Search Engine Optimization SEO Google Adwords Google Analytics Webmaster Tools Specialized in digital marketing with a focus on social media, search engine optimization SEO and content marketing, Naveen has helped business owners leverage the power of digital marketing and discover online success within their industry. With 10 months of experience working with entrepreneurs to corporations, Naveen has gained insight into unique digital marketing strategies, tactical processes and development for company growth. Naveen loves using web-based tools data-driven strategies to fulfill business goals. Naveen is jane-of-all-trades on the marketing, strategy operations fronts, working on marketing business plan development, social media campaigns, digital ads, SEM and more Naveen aspires to work internationally with digital communication and social media, helping brands and businesses grow by harnessing the power of online marketing. Naveen has a dream of carving a niche for himself in the world of digital marketing. Know of a project Naveen might be interested in or just want to say hello Get in touch with him -

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