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Custom USB Device Driver For Multifunctional DeviceThe project implements a Data Acquisition System
The project implements a Data Acquisition System using a USB Interface. A data acquisition system obtains real time analog values from sources like sensors, clock device, serial port and display device mounted onto LPC2148 Blue Board. The components of data acquisition systems include Sensors that convert physical parameters to electrical signals. Signal conditioning circuitry to convert sensor signals into a form that can be converted to digital values. Analog-to-digital converters, which convert conditioned sensor signals to digital values. Real Time Clock to show the timing corresponding to sensor reading. LCD displays the read value for user notification. Serial Ports are used for console based debugging and the other carries multifunctional data to the host. In this project potentiometer acts as an analog source sensor and gives the real time voltage variations. Microcontroller LPC2148 having ARM7TDMI-S core does the Signal conditioning, analog-to-digital conversion and gives corresponding time at the moment of the reading taken. It also acts as a USB device controller and sends the acquired values using USB interface to the host computer on requests. Host computer has customised USB device driver that acts as Hardware abstraction layer between user application program and our customised USB device.

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