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Time to Redeem- Parent's Desire's
Time to Redeem- Parent39s Efforts are Priceless to make you a Personality in the society. Each and Every one seems to have a great luck and blessing of their parent39s who have brought them up and made them eligible so that you can Fight, Stand, Survive and Play along. It39s time that what ever your parent39s have invested in you must be redeemed but not like an quotFAVOURquot but as a quotGIFTquot. Make your parent39s proud and give them the smile they deserve rather being a rebel to whatever they say. quotBE POSITIVEquot you know you have generation gap and mentality never reallly match39s up but try to put yourselves in their position and think how they must be feeling when we rebel for any issue which was not there in their generation. quotSMILIEquot- The best expression to show love, concern, care and affection. Keep a Smile when your parents are not agreeing to what you know is right .Try to convience, do not try to defeat them as they are the who will listen up to you when no one is there. Make them proud whenever you have that moment. Please do it for them. Show them that they are the best thing happened to you in the whole universe. Help them in difficult time, support them as becoming their backup when they find it that it39s difficult. Friendship is the most valued relation in the entire universe become friends with you parent39s involve them in things which matter39s to you it makes them feel so good.Love them for what they are, avoid hurting them and always love them. Think before breaking their trust in you. Do what your heart say39s and think that you have parent39s to look after you. Imagine the life of indiviual which are not blessed with parent39s.

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