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The day I learnt an important thing about Leadership
Here's something about leadership I learned early in my life

In the third year of my engineering, I was leading a workshop at The Robotics Forum VIT Pune(TRF) of around 70 students

The 12 of us in the core team were decision makers along with the faculty advisors

Every year, TRF's Inauguration ceremony witnesses a unique robot display, attended by Guests, Directors & Deans

Due to the large scale of the event, usually, core members(Seniors) make the display robot. But this year we let Juniors to come up with ideas and the overall robot. We BELIEVED in them

The program was a huge success. All the guests & faculties were very impressed and came to familiar faces of us seniors to congratulate

But here comes the important part

Without hesitation or any ego, we gave all the credit to the real brains behind the robot, the Juniors

Impressed by capabilities of the newcomers, guests gave a pat on their back

The next day onwards, I saw a drastic change. The work efficiency of juniors was doubled, they felt a little closer to us, I could see the hunger for more in their eyes

That day I learned the power of an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of someone's work, telling your co-workers you TRUST their work, you BELIEVE in them!

That day we changed from "THE senior" to "MY senior"

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