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Work-Life Balance
I'm a- 21-year-old- about to become- an engineer

Even at this early age, I observe individuals around me in a constant urge to be "successful" and willing to do "anything it takes" for it.

What's wrong with it you would ask...

Well, in this rat race to be successful, we first need to take some time out for ourselves and figure out our own definition of success, rather than competing with everyone for someone else's. There's always gonna be a bigger house, a faster car & nicer clothes. It's never-ending.

This is one of the golden quotes I came across while reading 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari'.

Giving it a thought, I found it relatable.

Remember the school days, all we remember is how much fun we had with our friends and not how much we studied. Remember the college days, all we remember is bunked lectures and not the ones we attended.

Don't take me wrong here that I think studying & working hard is wrong or unnecessary. What many forget is to cherish little moments while we work for our ultimate aim in life.

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