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Project #1
Project: II (Item Inspector)
II (Item Inspector) is a Web based application, the main aim of this application is whatever the claim processed or the total amount reimbursed to all policy holder in a day that should be in a particular format of CMS, UB, Dental form type.
The CMS ,UB and Dental are the category of the patient or policy holder it have all the information regarding the patient, dieses ,the number of days spent in medical or clinic, how much amount given for all services and also the information of facility and provider as well.
Job Accountabilities

? Requirement Understanding and Ambiguities.
? Test Plan Review and Estimation of project
? Test Scenario/ Test Cases preparation and review.
? Test Execution (Functional, Regression, Automation testing).
? Testing on Production Environment.
? Defect Reporting and Tracking.
? Daily status meeting and Reporting.
? Knowledge sharing sessions across the Team.
Project #2
Project: Research DCN (Document Control Number)
Project Description:
Research DCN is a Web application, this is used to check the quality of a claim processed by the DE operator by which the grading can be done for each individual and also can track their performance. The main point is by using this application we can decide the claim rate.
Job Accountabilities
? Requirement understanding.
? Test Scenario and Test cases preparation.
? Test Execution.
? Defect Reporting and Tracking.
? Weekly status reporting.

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