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An Open Love Letter: A Fight With The Destiny
It has been a long time, since then I have not written anything. This is because I never found my life boring, this is because, someone was always there to heal me, entertain me and support me. Now, I am all alone, fighting to be happy in my loneliness. This is ok, I will manage myself, I will manage if and only if, you will manage to be happy. You be happy, this is all I want and nothing else. I pray god but I never did, just to seek for your happiness. This is really all I ever wanted, since the time, we got together. As my secondary desire, all I wanted is a small place in your heart. Unfortunately, I failed, that is ok. Even if I get failed Ill manage, but if you get failed, I cant manage at all. I always believed, life and destiny have their own role to play. They always do, sometimes, we know, what our destiny and life demand and sometimes we dont know, what they demand. I am quite smart and at the same time, I am fortunate to know that what my destiny wants from me. Lets see an example my year back, our same department, same religion, same caste, same thinking, same status and same requirements are they not quite enough to make us feel that what kind of destiny our god has designed for us This is all I think and I believe. Even if, you are not interested in knowing all these, then ok, dont worry Ill never ever remind you of this. All I ever wanted for you, is the ocean, full of happiness instead tears or, water. I know, you will get what you have wanted in your life, but I just wanted to be the part of it. I just wanted to share your problems, your sadness, your tears but not your happiness. I dont beg you to be the part of my life forever, I just beg you to let me be the part of your strength. Dont feel sorry, if you cannot give me anything, I really dont need anything except the smile from you. One thing, I was forgetting to mention you that, it is you, because of whom I learnt the way of living, it is you, who gave me strength to fight, it is you, because of whom I had reason to be happy, to be responsible and to be caring. See, these are the things, you have given to me and you are still saying that you have not given me anything. You have given me this much and still think that you are useless to me. Dont think like that. Babu is always Babu, no matter what happens next. I am just asking you to sit beside me and let me give the opportunity to drive this car of life. Let me handle the steering, please, I beg you for this but nothing else

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