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Past: Present: Future: - Bind Your Success Together!!!!
I was thinking about my future, I was just thinking what can I be and what are the possibilities that I can be something. I was just looking out on the road through my corridor and I saw several things and then I started analyzing them with my feelings, which I had at that time. I saw a person, who was waiting for a ride, I believe and he had been waiting for more than 10 or 15 minutes. I thought of an ordinary man at that time and I realized, this is what I will be, if I follow the race of wolves and if I make my own way, I can be something else. I can be millionaire or may be billionaire. Then I saw a kid, who was riding a bicycle and I tried to compare myself with that kid but I couldnt. I realized that I cant go back, that means I cant change my past. But, what I can do is that, I can build my future from my present. Time is the thing, who doesnt give you permission to rebuild it but it does give you the hope to dream for your future. Now, I know what to do and what to not, to be capable enough to buy a million dollar vehicle instead waiting for the cab to lift me on. Now, I know that I cannot rebuild my past, so I got this time only, I should have nothing to regret about. Do or, die. Single chance, this is what we all have got, dont waste it, instead move forward. Past has nothing rather than memory but this present worth millions and I cannot afford to waste it, and I suggest you should not either.

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