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Hi, I am sumit Ochaney. I have 8+ years of Experience in Account & Finance Domain. I have worked with companies Like British Council, Agilent Technologies. Currently, I am working with a Media house (Cinema India18 Motion Pictures).
I have work exposure on ERP(SAP) in the functional domain(Finance)

I have been currently undertaking Accounting Finance work which includes the following :
1) Account Payable
2) Journal Posting
3) Reveiw and Filing of the Balance Sheets & Profit and Loss Account.
4) Expense Management.
5) Accrual Accounting
6) Filing of TDS and GST returns.
7) Bookkeeping
8) Banking Activities.

I have also taken digital marketing initiatives. I am a Technical Blogger.I have written an article on Digital Conversion and Media.

I have also undertaken PPC and FaceBook campaigns for the current organisation for lead generation.
Some of my other works include :
Spiritual Videos
Technical videos
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