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Honest deeds always results candied fruits, but what happened in the plaza of Bengluru central jail was a flip flop to above statement. Entire matter once again showered glimpses of VVIP culture on the canvas of republic India; roaring for right to equality and honest servicemen. According to the report submitted by DIG Roopa from bengluru, there are clear streams of corruption flowing amid jail administrations. According to the report VIP treatment is being offered to Shashikala and her bootlickers for a bribe worth 2 crores . They even offered separate kitchen and equivalent luxuries for lady-in-center. A complete comfort package was planned for shashikala just for the pieces of paper. Interestingly the report also throw the patches of allegations on DGP Sthyanarayan Rao, her senior; exposing several lapses in the prison's administration, which were, however, denied by DGP Rao and other jail officials.

The whistle blown by Roopa was echoed strongly in media plus social network and even she was praised firmly for her bold move. But unfortunately she got the prize of her honesty as her transfer in Traffic and road safety dept. and more unfortunately the government, the system, the media and the democracy one more autumn acted deaf and dumb on the occasion when whole drama was played under their nose.
The situation appearing in administration is not a brand new thing. Recently, another female officer of U.P. Police, Shrestha Thakur paid for her honesty when she was transferred for making a so called blunder for correcting a politician.

There is a need to fire tough questions on such factor which slashes the hands of officers like Roopa and Shrestha Thakur and on factors which converted public servants to slaves of such VVIPs. It is beyond the bounds to understand the meaning of such a system which is too weak even for self defence. The Prime concern is about the beauty of democracy which is ebbing in lack of flexibility and stoutness in the system. There is a need to provide strength to the administration so that it could stand straight against the contractors of democracy.

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