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Every coin has two faces , one is Bright while the other is Dark. Sometimes the calignosity of darker side becomes so dense that it banishes the luster of brighter one. Same is what visible in the matter of Peacekeeper's troop offered to fragile nations of Africa like Republic of Congo, Haiti, cyprus, Lebanon etc. who were anticipating a drop of amity and afilliation amid the harsh climate of continuous civil wars. Recently around 42 allegations were registered against the cadets of Peacekeeper troops including officers for exploitating and sexually abusing local womens and even underaged girls as young as 14. But the actual number of victims seems to be numerous than what United Nation's bench supposed to. Many of those 42 accepted the fact that they exchanged sex for forrage or money or basic commodities sometimes for as little as 4$. In one case the assault of a 14 year old mother was recorded by UN as "transactional" sex, in which acts are exchanged for food or for some other commodities. They completely reformed the pain of a growing kid into an execrable business just to hide the sins commited by their own cadets. But they can't hide an elephant in a mousehole. In order to protect white canvas of United Nation, their officials are actually overpowering such crimes.
However, numerous paternal claims were already filed up by such victims with an anticipation of compensation. A report by Zeid Al Hussaine asked the UN officials to conduct DNA test of their cadets so that the guilty could be traced out and then treated. An other suggestion was offered to take out the compensation from cadet's Salary.
Meanwhile, the prime argument is not about the compensation of money or food or any fantasy, the loss of immaculacy, trust and human values are something which can't be compensated. The allegations imposed on Peacekeepers however made United Nation to scrounge for a better way of feeding their cadets. The status of fragile corners of Africa is a matter of concern specially in post civil war years. The UN should look into their matter to provide the mass of such countries a better life full of enthusiasm and pacification but not at the expense of persecution.
By - Palash R Deshmukh.

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