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Number of students in India seek jobs or i shall mention part time jobs to enhance their living. They carry a number of broken dreams, memories of their good and bad times and helplessness of their parents to help them accomplish their real goal in their bagpacks. Real goals here means the actual thing they wanted to do dominated by some unwanted stuff or studies and money of course. As i was checking out for some part time job myself being a student, i saw a number of fake jobs as well as jobs that require certain amount of money to begin with, which I found completely irrelevant. Being a student no child can spend that much money to get a job. They are looking for this because they are completely penny less and hence need a good paying job to fulfill their needs. How can someone expect any money from such students. Companies should change their policy and try to give better opportunies to the youth, to the students who are really in need of work!

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