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Memorable Online Shopping
Shoppinghellip aah what a stress busterhellip I love shopping.. the only thing m perfect in . Earlier shopping for me was going to market, trying new clothes, standing in long queuersquos which are even longer during weekends . But thanks to these online shopping portals, who have made shopping easy now you donrsquot have to go to the market in scorching heat or chilling cold. enjoy your shopping while having a cup of coffee or your fav drinkhellip if you are a mother like me, u can also let your kid sit on your lap while you shop online A girl wants to stay slim n trim throughout her life, a little bit of pound she gains, disturbs her. But the time when i was carrying my daughter, I loved every body change in me, even the belly protruding making my older clothes unfit for me. One day i was going through few online shopping portals came across ldquofirstcry.comrdquo n i thought of placing an order for some maternity clothes. As, Irsquod never shopped clothes earlier, it took some time thought bout it. I was worried about the quality of clothes. But then i placed an order, without missing a sec-maternity leggings tunic. Woah, now i was desperately waiting for the packets to be deliveredhellip but somewhere i was thinking that if the clothes came out to be a blunder , i know my husband will give me a lecture on it fingers crossed. Ah, there came my clothes after 5-6 days. While opening the packet my heart beats increased, as in hope they are perfect. I took out the clothes, tried patted on my back saying ldquogood choicerdquohellip perfect were they. Even hubby was happy that the products were good enough green signal to shop more hellip memories attached After a week, i placed order for more maternity wears they also came out to be perfect. Must say these clothes were stretchable enough so lose that i preferred wearing them till delivery time. Post delivery i shopped/am still shopping for my daughter and myself from this site only The online shopping done during my pregnancy is the most memorable one, coz it was my daughter who was attached to me. With the belly increasing every month, i made her feel more comfortable by wearing these loose clothes, so that she can move freely kick easily

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