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Wholesale Market in South Delhi-Okhla Mandi
Okhla which is one of the famous industrial hubs in New Delhi comprises of three phases Okhla Phase I, Okhla Phase II Okhla Phase III. ldquoOkhla Mandirdquo situated in Phase III is one of the biggest and the cheapest fresh fruits vegetable markets in South Delhi established by the DDA Delhi Development Authority and is a boon to the people living in the Delhi/NCR region. The best way to get there would be by taking the metro, the nearest metro stop is the Okhla Metro station located on the violet line. Once you are about to enter the market yoursquoll hear grocers attracting the buyers by shouting out the current rates of the fruits and the fresh vegetables which are spread all around the area, hoping to attract the buyers and are busy in negotiating rates. The market opens at 5 in the morning and goes on till late evening, with farmers coming from adjoining villages to sell their produce. The market is open for every one - be it the retailers who buy their desired items from the Mandi market and then move on to resell it or the individual buyer, who buys it for his/her own use. There are numerous shops, big and small inside the Mandi and you can also find vendors sitting on the road side too. Some of the vendors working here are new while quite a few of them have been selling fruits and vegetables here for generations. The rates of the fruits vegetables sold in Okhla Mandi are decided as per the quality of the produce however it is still cheaper than other areas of Delhi/NCR. For example, in Delhi a kg of tomatoes would cost Rs 50-60 whereas, here in Okhla Mandi, you would get it for Rs 40-45 per kg, for the same quality. However apart from all the positive aspects, you are bound to come across some rotten fruits vegetables lying on the ground, with flies and insects lingering around them. With all the dirt lying on the floor, it at times becomes difficult to even walk as the ground becomes so slippery. The condition worsens during the rainy season when it becomes impossible to enter the market. One should also be alert in buying fruits and vegetables during the rainy season as chances of it being contaminated are much higher. Hence it is recommended to wash all the fruits vegetables thoroughly in running water before consuming them. The market is cleaned from time to time to ensure a healthy environment and the contaminated produce is taken away in dumpsters far away. So if you want to start eating healthy, go and visit the Mandi in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the common day rush

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