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Accurately forecast sales and labour, considering current trends and future promotions.
Achieving top-line and the bottom-line of the restaurant by analysing line items of the pnl and preparing action plan to control and achieve over the budget.
Cost analysis of the restaurant to drive best of the profitability.
Timely completion of all projects and decision making.
Ensuring that the best quality products and services are delivered to each customer with high quality services, resulting in customer delight and optimum resource utilisation.
Ensure proper handling of stock to minimized waste and increase profits.
Review, cross check daily and weekly inventories to ensure accuracy for a better focus on MTD and YTD food cost.
Monitoring and purchasing inventory, ensuring sufficient levels to accommodate demands.
Ensure that the labour schedules and all paperwork, including personnel documentation and files are completed and maintained correctly.
Handle employee relations issues within the restaurant, conducting disciplinary and grievance proceedings.
Schedule shifts for all employees, controlling cost by standardizing processes & products to improve efficiency.
Ensure that the restaurant is correctly staffed and all employees are correctly trained, monitored and coached.
Attending weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly operational & financial meets and collecting the feedback to implement and improve the performance of the restaurant.
Carry out and keep aware of local store marketing activities and co-ordinate in-store promotions.
Complete mapping of the restaurant and locator, timely hard-coding of map quarterly, monitoring online ordering, customer support, resolving and monitoring hunting hotline number issues..
New product promotion & rollout of all marketing activities to successfully achieve the hit of the product launch.
Quality compliance and working for quality improvement in consultation with quality department.
Responsible to build new business and customer development by doing various marketing activities.
Compliance within the restaurant across all shifts and following cash control/security procedures.
Timely resolving all types of customer concerns (customer care, online, feedback, phone, in-store and so on.....)
Developing and implementing procedures, control systems, for maintaining hygiene and quality standards.
People management with continuous training of employees guiding, mentoring team members to ensure efficiency in operations and meeting of individual and group targets

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