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Advertising at the airports has become a popular and fast growing avenue not only for seller or brand holders but also for the Advertisement Industry. OOH Advertising in Delhi industry has over the years seen a massive growth in the consumer base. It all started with billboards and hoardings and has come a long way with the advents in the technological sphere. Advertising at the airports has become a crucial player in endorsements of a brand. It has become the best platform available where sellers meet targeted consumers. Air travel in India has grown at a phenomenal rate, more than tripling from 6 to 20 per annul in less than a decade. The increased traffic at the countryrsquos airports has required massive upgrade works to be undertaken, with the significant input of private sector companies. India is now well on the way to having some much improved glossy new airport terminals. However, this hasnrsquot been with without major inconvenience to passengers. In addition, congested runways at many airports add to flight delays. Air travel is not always a reasonable affair and is mostly used by ldquobusyrdquo people because for them time is money. In the little time that they spend looking around has now become constructive as well with all the advertisements around. Through these advertisements the producers are channelizing or creating a demand for their product, most probably a demand that a person never knew s/he had. New Delhi Airport was leased to a private operator in 2006, and is going through a major upgrade. The construction of new terminal T3 at New Delhi airport has vastly changed the airport39s functionality. The airport has the capacity to handle 34 million passengers a year. So itrsquos easy to imagine at least 17 million passengers are prospective buyers. Similarly, Mumbai airport handles 25 million passengers a year and for all we know what are the odds Today, Airport Advertising in India is a sought after platform for marketers across the country. This is because Outdoor Advertising in Delhi has the following clear-cut advantages Targeted reach to corporate professionals, decision-makers and household breadwinners. Direct access to SEC A-B consumers 72 travelers are senior officials/executives. Target age group of 25 - 55 years. High dwell time uncluttered environment According to a AC Nielsen survey, at least 73 passengers view Airport Advertising . Scope for innovative marketing activities.

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