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Victoria Club Hotel
Objectives Victoria Club Hotel is a leading hospitality services provider since 1907, more than 100 years old hotel in India. They approached AD Technosys seeking helps to get ranking on trip advisor and rankings on the hotels related targeted keyword and increase traffic on website. The targeted market of Victoria Club Hotel was India as well some other country. Challenges we faced included low brand popularity, low back links, theme of website is very technical, website were not search engine and user friendly at the beginning, website was not in SERP. Strategy In order to meet the desired results, we first re-design website and worked on all important parameters, right from, optimizing header tags, Meta Tags Images for enhancing search engine and user friendliness. We also built strong citation and website navigation, added fresh content and removed the plagiarized content. We focused more on social media network for brand building and created quality back links by following quality OFF Page Process for enhancing traffic as well as ranking. Improve trip advisor reviews rank 1 of 64 hotels in puri for rank 55 of 64 hotels.

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