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a) Designing of control panel for Rotary Drum Annealing Furnace - 02 No's. Tested in factory & commissioned on site at Ordnance factory at Ambernath, giving client trial for three weeks each.

(b) Bridge crane - 02 & Monorail hoist - 04 No's installed & commissioned for ONGC in L&T Surat. Off shore completed. & further PLC, HMI designing completed for the same. (15T capacity) Load test carried out successfully in presence of TPI.

(c) Jolt & Jumble machines tested in factory & commissioned on site at ECIL, Hyderabad. Given training on operation & Maintenance..

(d) Attended breakdown on MCC panel with soft starter ABB make. Gharda Chemicals, chiplun

(e) Modification work completed on PCC & MCC Panels For Tata, in 22 kv substation.

(f) Attending critical brekdown & doing modification for Acidic Fumes blowers 75 HP blowers at Ordnance Factory at Itarsi in progress

(g) Again L&T work about to start..

(h) Maintenance & Design of Control Panels in a Chemical factory in progress

CAREER Achievments:

Commissioned, Siemens PLC S7 300 in finishing line in hot rolling mill ( Nigeria ) was there for one year for training the control dept.

Installed & Commissioned specialised oil packing machines (pouches) in Kenya.

Commissioned 11KV Substation for Adani Wilmar's Coal Handling Project through Siemens in Mundra, Gujarat.

Handled carbonated soft drink plant independently. (Zambia)

Received Apprisal letter on furnace blower motor breakdown from Lloyds Metals ( Cold rolling mill )

Attended training session on Team Building.

I have worked with packing machines manufacturer of 7 years in design, testing & servicing dept. Machines of milk, oil & powder. HFFS & VFFS. Flow wraps etc etc.

If I am given an opportunity to serve your organization I will do my best for smooth running, improvement & progress of your plant / Project.

Parag N Ganatra.
Mumbai / Thane

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