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(I) Vessel discharging/Loading plan with daily MIS reports
(ii) Vessel productivity and berthing target acheived without demurrage and earning incentive.
(iii) Vessel operation pre-planning,Documentation,Claims,Prevention and stevedore related problem solve independently
(vi)Adhere company target for 2016 in bulk cargo with subordinate staff deployed as per requirement
(v)Acheiving steel coils/plates,Bulk cargo,Proj.Cargo and offshore cargo operation with 100% safty guideline and compliance
(iv) Preparied daily working report with turn around outlay basis summery
(iiv)Training to new staff for efficient bulk operationwith carried out tool box meeting
(iiiv) Liasioning works with Agents,Charters and Receiver parties
(ix)Daily Supervision on yard(e.g. Yard/Godown) with space and dispatch & accurate house keeping with implementation.
(x) Experience of Liquid Cargo Handling and Controlling at Wharf .
(xi)Efficient wharf management and operation in given constraint and commitment.

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