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Finalist in Texs Instrument Innovation challenge 2015
Successfully achieved top ten position in very reputed electronics innovation challenge contest organized by Texas Instrument “Texas Instrument Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015 (TIIC IDC 2015)” through participating 1206 team in Indian continent; and got a chance to meet and present the work to India’s Honorable President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and TIs engineers in TI campus, Bangalore. For this innovation challenge we successfully designed innovative “Bluetooth (BLE) enabled Smart capacitive switch board with inbuilt power monitoring and logging”. This innovative switch board works on the basis of capacitive touch keys avoiding the use of mechanical switches. Along with touch sense, board can connect to Android smart phone through the developed app, by use of Bluetooth low energy connectivity. Using this app user can control devices wirelessly. This switch board also has integrated inbuilt power meter which provides information of RMS voltage, RMS current, RMS power, true power, and power factor in real time to the user on the smart-phone screen.
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