Khartoum, , Sudan
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•Plan activities for different age groups, genders and ability levels
•In charge of all forms of recreation like Spa, Fitness Centre, Kids Club, Adventure Activities, etc.
•The GSI (Guest Service Index) on recreation department was excellent
• Enhanced kids club with more activities
•Made the recreation department a revenue generation department, where there was no revenue previously
•Negotiation with suppliers on price which has reduced the investment cost
•Negotiation with suppliers on quality of goods and on time delivery
•Process monthly payroll and prepare payroll report
•Prepare monthly manpower report
•Ensuring value added services to customers for enhancing their satisfaction levels
•The hotel occupancy took a positive leap due to recreation facilities
•Repeat business from many conference groups which resulted in generating revenue
• Recreation budget achievement
• Fitness packages (food and exercises) were very popular among guests
• Conducted birthday parties, marriage parties where recreation played a huge role in guest satisfaction and revenue generation
•Addition of multiple activities for all age groups of guests

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