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The Non-Digital age
24th March 2013 Last week was probably one of the busiest days of my life in my work. Two work sites 200 Kilometers apart, 9 different works, 73 people working on it and 43 variations in the approved layout. On an average the time I had to spend on the phone was 30 minutes for each variation and 90 minutes for the works. That can be formulated to 35 hours of my life and 2500 Rupee of my income. After the competition of all the works, I was stuck with the thought ldquoWhat would have been the outcome of the past week in the absence of the two basic necessities of life viz mobile phone and internet.rdquo Just consider a scenario where the simple fire hydrant had to be completely re-routed because of certain difference in the assumption during design and site situation. The procedure followed was informing my boss in the office by phone and mail. C.C. a copy to the coordinator, department, design section, client and other contractors whose works might be interrupted. Opinions are collected from each and then it is circulated for a final decision. This circulation is a flow a number of mail and calls with suggestion, alternate designs, corrections etc. When the design is final, an estimate created for assessment by our client. Once we receive the approval the work is executed. All these happened in a time span of thirty to forty minutes. What would have happened if this situation occurred before 1995 This is the best picture according to my imagination 1. Make calls through land phones to the respective people for primary analysis. 2. Fax is sent to the office with the situation explained graphically 3. The office people assemble in the lsquoRapid action roomrsquo to discuss 4. If someone is missing he or she is called in his/her land line number. 5. Information conveyed to the client and other contractors 6. Suggestion discussed with site in-charge through phone. 7. Final decision is made. 8. Estimate is made for approval from the client 9. Client receive the estimate, approves and send it back through fax 10. Itrsquos redesigned, approved and sent to the site 11. Work is executed Factors which may vary are availability/accessibility of a person, mode communication Phone, Fax, telegram, post etc. My estimate for the time consumption is minimum 6 hours. It is a considerable amount of time, waste of man power, resources etc Number of situation similar to this can be cited still people do not accept the new generation technology as a boon. The odd thing is above conclusion never occurred to me after comparing the facts, the only thing left in my mind was appreciation for the Mughals for building Taj Mahal, the Chinese for building the Great wall of China and the Egyptians for the pyramid.

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