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Graphic Design, Photoshop CS6, Graphic Artist
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I will be completing my in Graphic Designing and Multimedia in May 2014, and will be available from then onward to progress with in my career.

My last role was the Graphic Designer & Visualizer at Digital Marketing Agency Thy are involved managing a marketing campaign to many luxury Brand This involved managing their social media and website, as well as designing their menus, posters, On line GIF ads and B2C relationships on line.

The main software I use includes The Adobe Suite with knowledge #Web Layout Design, #Graphics , #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram #GIF Creative Post Design

I am currently working to help towards . #freelance mainly consists of #Web Layout Design, #Graphics , #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram #GIF Creative Post Design Creative Post Design I have completed three years at University with a first class degree in Graphic Designing and Multimedia.

(Social Media Work )

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