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Commonly in a structural air frame there is a critical location it has to be designed by keeping stress concentration factor in a mind commonly wings in the air frame are the lift load carrying members .air loads received by the body of the aero planes and ribs get transferred to spars based on the machining capability the spars can be designed in to two or more parts and later it can be assembled.
In a air planes weight design planes an important role in the aircraft design and development without compromising on the safety of the structure. Structure of the airframe represents one of the finest examples in a minimizing aircraft design using strength of material approach.
The current project work includes the design & analysis of the spar beam using a typical loads distributed on the beam. A design is to be carried out by considering the beam in to two parts.
In our case we consider small size transport aircraft structure. Riveted joint used to fix and linear static analysis using to carried out for analysis of a spar beam. A FEM approach is carried out for calculating bending stress and bending moment approach. In aircrafts commonly fatigue criteria will be created in order to calculate fatigue calculation miner rule will be included for calculation of fatigue damage.
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