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SENIOR LEVEL PROFESSIONAL  HR, IR Management / General Administration
? Master Degree MSW in Personnel Management, Labour Laws, Industrial Relations professional with the experience over 26 years in HRD &M, IR, Administration, Strategic Planning, Training & Development and Employee Engagement, Labour Legislations,

Domain expertise in strategic HR, manpower planning & integrated talent management, transformation & development, performance management, with refined skills in sourcing the best talent from diverse sources

Rich experience in maintaining healthy employee relations and managing employee grievances, thus creating an amicable & transparent environment

Proficient in developing manpower and succession plan for the organization to drive appropriate action for future resourcing and creating supporting resourcing strategies to address future requirements

Experience in coordinating for 5S / ISO 9001:2000 / TS 16949 / EHS training & documentation and UNIDO, Nash Let, Cluster activities

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