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The summer training programme undertaken at TATA Steel during the period of 17th May 2016 to 18th June 2016 was a technical training programme under the banner of LD#1 department of TATA Steel. The training aimed at developing skills and imparting knowledge about the working of a steel plant. It included various sects of a steel plant, their basic principles of working and construction, and above all the instrumentation and control systems used in the plant. The training session also aimed at developing engineering skills in its undergraduate trainees by performing real industry related activities and work which proved to be a great importance in improving the technical skills. Total industrial concepts regarding Casters, P&I diagrams, ladder logics, measurement systems, and controls were imparted. Apart from this, I was made familiar with a typical consultancy based procedure for Tender Discussions and scrutiny.
At the end of the training it is worth saying that the programme proved to be milestone in cultivating unique industrial skills in its trainees and improving their technical abilities regarding their personal fields of interests.

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