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Aptitude, Electrical Engineering, English Language
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First of all thank you for showing interest to know me . I can assure you that you will find all those things for which a employer look for in his/her employees.

I am Piyush Mishra currently pursuing my Bachelor of technology from JSSATE Noida in Electrical Engineering branch . I hail from a politically popular District Pratapgarh of Uttar Pradesh.

I completed my High School and Higher Senior Secondary School from Aditya Birla Public School Jagdishpur. I obtained CGPA of 9.8 in 10th class and 88% in intermediate.

I have also qualified GATE 2017 in EE field. I got 196th rank in Indian Engineering Olympiad 2016.

Not only academically but also in sports I have been active. I got gold medal in Kabaddi during College sports fest. Also , I was captain of my football and Kho-Kho team in school.

I have been interested in participating in many innovative activities. I created a model of "Tram" in college technical fest. I was one of the coordinators of UPTU technical festival 2016-17.

I did 2 months of internship in "Notice Technology pvt ltd" as Marketing Executive.

As a socially active person I find myself adjustable to any atmosphere very easily. Since my childhood I've been given many opportunities to handle many people under me which makes me good at managerial skill. Also , I have been a regular participant of debates and many such public speaking activities which made me good at my oratorical quality .

Not only technically and academically sound but in many areas I have developed many skill sets which is required to work in any working atmosphere.

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