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Is Gandhi still alive...?
Today morning I woke up at 630 AM, had my tea and was wondering what lines should I blog today. Suddenly I started smiling thinking about my conversation with my father on 2nd October 2013, The Gandhi Jayanti. That day if Irsquom not wrong as it was a national holiday I woke up little late at 930 AM, called my father and wished him a very happy Gandhi Jayanti. He didnrsquot reciprocated positively and told, ldquoSon you are mistaken, we celebrate birthday of people who are alive and before I could have spoken anything he suddenly asked ldquoDo you think Gandhi is still aliverdquo. I was totally stunned and speechless. For that full day I was searching for the answer within myself. On 2nd October we pay tribute to the father of nation-Mahatma Gandhi. He was a person who always believed in truth and non-violence and defeated the most powerful empire by using this weapon. His life beautifully conveys the message that, itrsquos our character, intention and commitment which makes us a gentleman and a successful person not the immaculate dressing we do. Without any management degree another aspect of Gandhi like his work as a community organiser, how good he was at building coalitions, at building teams defines his astonishing managerial skill. Apart from all his achievements, his sainthood, when he was shot dead shook even the sceptics. Reading about Gandhi makes me feel that he wasnrsquot self centered and he always thought for others. Now today we are in 20s do we still feel disturbed and uncomfortable by his ideas or we donrsquot care. I think and Irsquom sure we donrsquot. On Gandhi Jayanti we put flower on his photo and praise him and thank him for all the sacrifices he made and then we forget him for the rest of the year. Isn39t it shamefulhellip Why we fool ourselves Is it a real tribute to the father and the most honest personality of our nation I know and even you know the answer is a big NOhellip I mean canrsquot we Think Gandhi, Live Gandhi and keep him alive in our thoughts Now I know why my father asked me this question ldquoIs Gandhi still alive..rdquo Itrsquos not about celebrating Gandhi itrsquos about practicing Gandhi. Jay Hind

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