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Can ethics be taught..?
In the 4th semester of my PGDM, I still remember my ldquoBusiness Ethicsrdquo faculty Prof. Govinda Sharma raising a question in each and every class ldquoCan ethics be taught..rdquohellip He never answered this question and left it on us to think and iterate. If we go with what Socrates told, his position was clear ldquoEthics is all about knowing what we ought to do, and such knowledge can be taughtrdquo. Ethics are the set of values. Now the question is, If it is so, shouldnrsquot it come from inside Can you teach someone that these are the values you have to go with in life I think yes you can. How When we say that it is something which should come from inside and all the values we talk about, isnrsquot it supported by whatever our parents has taught us since our childhood Yes and I believe you all do agree with me. Why do we think twice before doing anything wrong Isnrsquot it because of the ethical element our parents have nurtured in us Whatever we do and whoever we are is all because of the teaching and preaching we have gone through in our life. It is simply because a kid doesnrsquot have its own perception, moral judgements and thus doesnrsquot possess any behaviour. Itrsquos important to install a directional thinking in them with proper teachings because a person39s behavior is influenced by his or her moral perception and moral judgements. Similar to kids, sudden changes occurs in young adults in their 20s and 30s in terms of the basic problem-solving approach they use to deal with ethical issues. So, in such a stage of transformation it is utmost important to train these young minds to correctly perceive a society and his or her role in society. Itrsquos important to teach them to push all their donrsquots into sleep and throw their entire dorsquos into arena of life. Having said all this I still have one question ldquoDoes ethics has to be a part of the DNArdquo or ldquoCan ethics be taughtrdquo. Similar to what my Professor did I Kumar Piyush signoff and leave it on you to decide and take it forward.

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