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Business Development, Marketing, Product Management
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• ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs, and DBs (LV Switchgear)
• Modular Wiring Accessories (Domestic Switch & Sockets)
• Lighting Controls, Home Automation and BMS - FAS
• Cable Management and Busbar Trunking Systems
• Structured Cabling
• Time Switches, Industrial Plugs and Sockets
• Emergency Lighting Units & Video Door Phones
• Intruder Alarms, Gas Detectors and Weather Proof Boxes


• Steering marketing operations by ensuring optimal utilization of resources
• Identifying and developing new streams for revenue growth and maintaining relationships with customers to achieve repeat / referral business
• Developing marketing strategies and policy to build consumer preference and drive volumes
• Evaluating marketing budgets periodically including manpower planning initiatives and ensuring adherence to planned expenses
• Deploying the suitable market research tools to gauge market trends and competitor activities to gain the competitive edge on the market
• Evolving market segmentation and penetration strategies to achieve targets
• Providing direction to execute promotions / launches as part of brand building & market development effort
• Preparing management level reporting on the product’s performance, needs and forecasts
• Monitoring the monthly new product launch results and recommending action for addressing any forecasted variances to volume budget

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