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Respected Sir / Mam:

My name is Piyush Rampariya. I have completed B.E(Mechanical) from Ahmedabad Institute of Technology (A.I.T) (G.T.U) in July 2014. I secured distinction in engineering.(CPI= 8.10, CGPA= 8.31)

I have done TWO PROJECTS in Harsha Engineers at Changodar Ahmedabad. My projects are rewarded by company and implementation of given solution are done by company. I know AutoCAD 2015 as well.

Write now I am Working as a Lecturer in A.I.T College , Since last 3 years. .

I am looking forward to work with your company where i can utilize my skill, knowledge and to be sure about splendid start of my career.

Hoping positive reply from you. Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,
Piyush Rampariya
Contact :7878282827

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