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The aforementioned blogs describe my college days and about my hobbies and interests.

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    • I am an alumnus of National Institute Of Technology Calicut, Kerala. I passed out in 1997. One of the blogs describe my very nascent memoirs from those days, long back in the monsoon days of the year 1993 when mobile phones and internet were unheard of. Lovely days were those. A golden era in anybody's student life. Golden memories to cherish.

    • My blogs describe my forays into the deeper aspects of Mother Nature and the unmatched serenity of the most famous historical monument in my hometown. My interests are varied that include blogging, creative writing, cards, carrom, cycling, jogging, letter writing, music, philately, photography, reading, social service, travelling, writing and the like. I am also into somewhat less risky trekking and hiking. These words best describe me. I am a simple and easygoing person.

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