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Attribute-based encryption, especially for cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption, can fulfill the

functionality of fine-grained access control in cloud storage systems. Since users’ attributes may be

issued by multiple attribute authorities, multiauthority cipher text-policy attribute based encryption is

an emerging cryptographic primitive for enforcing attribute-based access control on outsourced data.

However, most of the existing multi-authority attribute-based systems are either insecure in attribute-

level revocation or lack of efficiency in communication overhead and computation cost. In this paper,

we propose an attribute-based access control scheme with two-factor protection for multi-authority

cloud storage systems. In our proposed scheme, any user can recover the outsourced data if and only if

this user holds sufficient attribute secret keys with respect to the access policy and authorization key in

regard to the outsourced data. Besides supporting the attribute-level revocation, our proposed scheme

allows data owner to carry out the user-level revocation. Index Terms—Attribute-based encryption,

multi-authority cloud storage, two-factor protection, attribute-level revocation, user-level revocation.

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