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Accounting, Account Management
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• Filing of Vat Returns
• Filing of Professional Tax Returns

• Filing of Service Tax Returns

• Filing of Central Excise Tax Returns

• Filing of ESI Returns

• Filing of EPF Returns

• Maintenance of book keeping

• General Accounting

• Accounts Receivables

• Accounts Payables

• Bank Reconciliation

• Taxation

• Finalisation accounts

• Constantly monitoring the interest, discounts &commissions
Of the company in respect vendors and debtors of the company

• Verifying and checking all the documents in relating to
Vendor payments and approving for the same for the payment

• Ensuring proper accounting entries in accordance with the
Accounting standards of India.

• Ensure the entire quarterly, monthly and yearly in time.

• Making statutory online payments like TDS, PF, Service tax,

Excise, Vat and advance income tax payment within time.

• Scrutiny and reconciliation of Ledger Accounts of the vendors,
General ledger and debtors.

• Issue of form C.

• Opening of import and export documentation and lesioning

With bankers and state Govt. departments.

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