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youth 4 work   platform for potential talent
The ldquoyouth for workrdquo is a broad and unique platform for youth ,which provides them an opportunity to excel through live projects of the corporate world. In recent times ,when companies are moving for hiring the freshers to mould them according to their domestic needs, ldquoyouth for workrdquo assists both the freshers and employers to exhibit and retain the talent respectively. The kind of exposure made to young budding talents while working on projects gives them a way to show their extraordinary skills and knowledge which may find them placed with good corporate ends. This initiative not only lends the break into corporate world but also reduces the sole dependence on ldquocampus placementsrdquofor the similar breaks . One can make his area of interest live through this initiative to exploit the untapped potential among them. With the first hand internship through y4w-youth for work one can prove himself beneficial for the organization working with. The real start is recognized when this talent is recognized in terms of money and, more significantly, through the awards and recognition. Another most critical part of the ldquoyouth for workrdquo profile is from the perspective of networking established in corporate world ,where the diversified outlook of individual is recognized. This platform is different for those who are thinking different about ldquohow they want to harness their talentrdquo working in a project of the organization is a challenge ,widely enjoyed by the successful people ,who are few among thousands. My views regarding the profile of youth for work is crystal clear as in the form ,it is major opening for youth ,who are willing to do ldquothoda hat their life and cherish their dreams. While working with ldquolead indiardquo initiative by ldquoTimes Of Indiardquo , I saw the leadership opportunities shown by some people ,which was an exceptional show of leadership qualities among youth I wish the ldquoyouth for workrdquo to stay here and keep going like ever. Good Luck to the Teamhellip.. ldquoDreams are not those which we see while sleeping, dreams are those which doesnot allow us to sleeprdquo-Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Regards Prakhar pathak
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