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With the recent developments in the global automotive industry, new challenges have emerged. There is a need to think out of the box for Indian component manufacturers to maintain competitiveness in an inflationary environment and compete with the best keeping market trend in consideration. According to the present scenario, the final customer has started looking for values (a mix of aesthetics and performance) before buying or looking for a vehicle. This project will aim to understand what is that the customer is looking at in India and Europe is. As we have this notion revolving that the technologies that exist in the west penetrates India in the longer run. Hence the international markets and customer requirements are studied to understand the next trend in the automotive segment in India. This approach will help Indian component manufacturers gain a futuristic view of how the markets evolve in the coming years and what needs to be presented, an independent component/trend, that helps them capture the attention of the final potential customer in the passenger vehicle segment and niche markets. With this understanding, we can predict how to pitch this product to the customer. The project hence aims to find the trend that will prevail in automotive industry in India and how a component manufacturer capture more and more market share in this regard.
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