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When a young Indian Air Force Officer fell in Love
None expect soldiers to show their emotions or else display compassion towards fellow humans. People consider men in Olive Greens or the OGs to be heartless, emotionless brutes. But people should realize that they are also humans and possess emotions too, though we are not expected to show them but they nevertheless flow. After reading Ms. Barbara Ashchers essay On Compassion I made up my mind to pen down a literal piece to justify that people in armed forcesArmy, Air Force and Navy have emotions, they dont show it because they know they have to serve their motherland before they think about themselves. Nowadays when almost everyone specially in metros where people only think about themselves the soldiers showcasing compassion towards their fellow citizens sacrifice their happiness, peace and leisures for them. This was during my days as an ninth grader when my image as a cool hunk was at its pinnacle at school. A girl named Shreyayes that was her name joined our class as a new student. As it was her first day at the school, she was not dressed in school uniform but instead in a fancy frilled frock which appeared awkward, therefore everyone in the class started giggling. She was petite, about 411 tall, fair complexion, soft brown eyes, golden yellow hair and a childlike face. The teacher present, Mrs. Joshi, introduced her to the class, Students please pay attention over here, meet Shreya, she is joining our class from today and I want you to be her friends . She made her sit in the first row of the class with two girls. She was a Kannada girl and therefore was not very fluent in Hindi , as a result all the pupils in the class teased her for her funny accent . She always used to sit in the first row so I never got a chance to chat with her. Rather I never cared to as I was a habitual back bencher. Soon we had our half yearly exams in which Shreya failed obviously because it had been only two weeks before she joined the school. Therefore it was pretty normal for her to fail which in fact she did much to the amusement of my class mates who now had another reason other than her accent to tease and jeer her. She was a single child of a single parent and I often used to see her mom drop her off at school. As the time passed on she became more and more a symbol of ridicule, now even the teachers started to dislike her due to her lack of interest in school in general and studies in particular. My classmates made her life hell by jeering and teasing her. I was too busy in some other stuffsports, girls,rock and bikes so I hardly tried to get into all this. Notwithstanding the jeering which she suffered at the hands of her class mates she hardly showed any emotions, she used to stand, listen, forget and move on thinking as if nothing has happened. This further infuriated other pupils and they used to resort to as many nasty ways as possible. They used to hide her school bag, sometimes her books and other times collected unwarranted fine from her,few even scribbled ink on her notebook. One day during the geography class Miss Uppal ,instructed us to mark the physical features of the world on a world physical map. I wasnt really interested to study, so I informed the teacher that I havent got my pencil as I was aware of her well known punishment for not getting anything to the class stand outside the class till the period was over. I wanted this to happen desperately as I urged to move out of the class. But Miss Uppal has some different ideas. She told me that shell fail me in the internals if I am unable to manage one pencil. I started hunting for a spare pencil in the class but was not able to get even one only Shreya was left whom I didnt ask for pencil. I made up my mind and approached the so called untouchable of our class. I asked her.hey Shreya can you lend me your extra pencil to scribble. She handed me over her own pencil without any hesitation I told her that I am asking for an extra pencil not her pencil to which she sheepishly replied,Pranay I have already failed in the half yearly, and I am not hopeful for the terminals as well, take it atleast youll be able to save your internals and pass your terminals. I was stuck by her words, a guy who was so popular in the school was helped by the most unpopular student of the school. From that day onwards I started to take care of her, I warned everyone against troubling her. I ensured no one teases, makes fun of her. With the passage of time I got to know her better, as already mentioned above she was the only daughter of a single parent, her father deserted her mother when she was three for some other woman. Her mother, who used to be a Times of India correspondent raised her single handedly, as she was a workaholic she never had enough time to spend with her daughter, moreover she had a touring job which made her life even more cumbersome. All she had around was her middle aged nanny, a few dumb dolls and lifeless walls. She never experienced anything called love since she was a child. I felt compassionate towards her this was an alien term for me up till now but yes I really felt it. I used to talk to her daily, as I was the only person with whom she liked sharing her joys and sorrows. I made an exceptional compatibility and I myself started sharing my joys and sorrows with her as well. Now nobody in the school had the courage to tease her because she was my friend and steadily after knowing her well many of our mates made friendship with her. I even helped her to brush up her Hindi skills and in a months time she developed a deccent accent and now she hardly makes any mistakes while speaking. One day she asked me that she likes when boys take out girls probably giving me a hint to do so. She used to say that she ever has talked to a boy and she is really fascinated to do so. I didnt have the courage to say no to her so I took her out to a nearby restaurant for snacks. I arranged a car so that she feels comfortable as she has never gone out with anyone else, I wanted her to feel secure, cheerful and above of all content. Although she was fifteen she had never seen any mall, eaten out, and seen a movie out. How will she when she has no friends, no relatives around and above of all her mother who spent least possible time because of her job. I felt pity on her. The word pity was alien to me as this was not like I used to sometime ago. Post snacks I took her to a movie Koi Mil Gaya, which she enjoyed galore. I dont know what but her happiness made me happy. I could see that newly found smile of hers which was missing from her earlier smirks. I felt like smiling when she used to smile, I got her popcorns, Pepsi and a vegetarian puff. After the movie got over I planned to take her out to a well known pizza shop where we enjoyed yummy pizzas. She didnt eat much but whatever she ate she relished, as earlier said this was her first hang out. Though I have hanged out on numerous occasions with my friends but this particular outing had something in it, it made me feel complete I dont know how. Whatever maybe the reason I along with shreya had a splendid time. At 2200 hrs I dropped her home safe and sound. When I was reversing the car she jumped towards the car window, forcing me to apply the brakes. When enquired what is the matter pat she said,thanks for making the best day of my life a possibility, I have never had such a splendid time anywhere,anytime,with anyone THANKS THANKS A LOT. She turned, bade me goodnight and stepped away. This was the best compliment that I have ever had in my entire life. I derived the feeling of containment, bliss and satisfaction. This was somethig I cherished I really loved doing what I was doing, I felt I kind of fell for her. Never in my entire life I experienced so much happiness and feeling of the completeness. I earnestly thanked the almighty that he really made it possible for me to have experience that eternal bliss. She made me feel like this life is worth living, life is infact beautiful, these feelings felt like heaven. My friends pestered me, man what turned you on for this petite girl when we have so many hotties around the school. to which I replied, earlier I felt compassionate towards her because she was jeered by everyone in the school though no mistake of her. I liked supporting her giving her comfort, and now if you seriously ask me I like when she is around, her presence completes me. Few days after these happy days I heard the news of her mom getting transferred to some other place I didnt knew where. Those days we didnt have social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut or Gtalk and even cell phones so that we could contact each other, even landlines werent so common and the disadvantage of having them was that you cant talk directly to the desired person. Moreover I feared her mom so I never called her. She stopped attending the school I felt chocked , I wanted to see her, meet her, talk to her. I wanted to feel happy again. Somehow I enquired about her place of residence, when I went to meet her I learnt she has already left. I asked myself why didnt she inform me, did I do something which I shouldnt have done These questions were troubling me no bounds and I didnt have any answers. With the help of her neighbours and her mothers employers I traced her new postal address, I wrote her two letters but she didnt reply to even one, I dont know why she didnt reply to my letters. Why Why Why Time passed but my feelings for her became stronger and stronger, I lost someone whom I really loved and cared for. Four years after this I received the information through facebook that she is in Mumbai, graduating from Xaviers. I was very happy for her, but missed her being near me. In 2011 when I had a serious accident and lost my track in my life I was down and out. My condition was similar to her when she was in school, I was alone I needed someone to be compassionate with me, but was she listening T. Pranay Reddy Ex Indian Air Force

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