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Every manufacturer/trader wishes to touch the skies. No doubt, sky is the limit for profit making, but where resources are a scarcity, Production scheduling coupled with Material planning budgetary forecasting will definitely augment the revenue collections. Brand advertising has become the order of the day. Be it the FMCG sector or the Construction segment, the function of the ultimate product produced by different firms belonging to the same industry remains the same. Then how do manufacturers fight out this competition and yet prosper Interesting An example here could add more clarity in the minds of readers. Half a litre of of Pepsi is priced around 25 bucks. So is Coke. And As for the taste, I find not much of a difference between a pepsi and a coke. Then is it the Dhoni Amir factor making the difference Conveniently, I could take a call that their image promotes a product to a certain extent. But then what about the other factors Ingredients used, the Product mix, the production mechanism, marketing storage facilities, transportation distribution mechanisms, freebies dealer commissions, etc are also the fundamental orthodox strategies which cannot be ignoredhellip A cost analyst often digs deeper into the historical figures of Turnover costs. To stand tall, therersquos a need for them to correctly estimate the future Cash projections. Therersquos a need for augmenting studies in Risk Variance analysis, budgeting. Operations Research wing of the Industry definitely needs to calculate the Beta estimate of the various above listed factors, based on the skewness of distribution of the sample population. Profit maximisation/ Cost minimisation through a series of time tested LPP techniques, Simulation , Assignment Transportation techniques are definitely the challenging jobs for a management analyst in the future days to come

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