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According to a study, an average person in India spends 5 minutes a day waiting in city traffic signals. The amount of fuel wasted by a common man by these actions are still unaware. The Carbon di oxide emission during these period is also a main concern which can be minimized leading to a pollution free environment and on the other half, the effect of carbon monoxide over Ozone layer can be minimized if every vehicles shut off their engines at traffic signals. The other major phenomena which has to be noticed is that the overall minimized fuel usage by Indian citizens leads to reduced fuel products demand for the Government of India which in turn there are the chances of reduction in fuel product prices. The project that is followed based on the above criteria that the fuel wasted by a common man every day in traffic signals with vehicles remained in running condition for an average of 4 minutes a day, calculating how much of fuel is wasted and the amount that can be saved by following some preventive measures, the carbon emissions by an engine for 4 minutes a day for an year. Commencing this project into action, a drastic change over various factors can be observed.

This project provides a wide outline of various fuel wastage phenomena, CO2 emissions and measures to prevent the wastages and the control of emissions from automobiles. Through this project, an in depth analysis of all Indian automobile models and the emissions through fuel burning process. Understanding the concept of the project, One can realize the importance of fuel and that are being wasted day by day unaware. Commencing this project, the Government of India can overcome the fuel and emission crisis in various cities especially in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore etc. Using this project, awareness can be created among the Citizens of India and make them realize and Turn Off their vehicle engines in traffic signals.
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