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The day of 19
                      A new start of every thing ...kingdom,life of people...and so on..
                      Yudhistra was placed as king of Ashthinapur (Ashth means horse)..and they made arrangements for Ashvamedha yag..  yudhistra carried on the crown and ruled a happy kingdom of prosperty and developing citizens...
                        Do u believe this is the end of story then you where wrong..every serials gives this has the end but after this 19th day there was the story of end...

After retiring of yudhistra
                          More than 30 year of yudhistra rule he thought to get retirement from king & his kingdom... he gave his king dom in hands of arjun's grandson and all five brothers and draupathi moved to himalaya to go directly to heaven.

                         All were in same direction yudhistra was leading.. he never looked back that his brothers were coming or not by saying that he is becoming saint by leaving all his relations,money...

                          One by one every one died in the way of heaven.. only yudhistra was left over with a dog following him from the palace, at finally the king of god (Indra) have arrived to take yudhistra to heaven.
                           On heaven he was welcomed by all his 100 brothers (sons of drihtrashtra) he was shocked by seeing them in heaven. He asked Indra about his brothers , he replied him by getting him to his brothers and wife whome he left at himalayas.. they were at hell..Again yudhistra was shocked by seeing them in hell. He was not able to keep his mouth shut, he asked Indra about this..

                          Indra replied him by that duryodhan and his brothers were died in the war zone the holy zone of every chatriyan it is believed that who ever dies by doing his duty they will be placed in heaven...they have suffered their mistakes and wrong things in the war zone itself..
One of his doubts were solved and there was another doubt that why his brothers and their wife draupadi was sent to hell.

                        To get answer he went to chitragupta for get the reason why his brothers & draupadi where put to hell. Chitragupta gave answer by saying their mistakes one by one...

1st Bheem - He use to eat so much that made many people die because of insufficient food

2nd Arjun - He feels always insecure eventhough he has the biggest weapon "Brahmastra"

3rd Nakhul - He always think himself only has the handsome fellow. He often made many of jealous with his handsome looks.

4th sahadev - He thought himself has the great philosopher. He always used to be appreciating himself by making others down through his knowledge.

5th draupadi- she was married to all of the five pandavs but she always in eager to be with bheem or arjun..

At the end the story tells even the person who were in the side of dharma were to make mistakes...

1. Give others first then you eat.
2. Don't be insecure.
3. Don't make others jealous knowingly.
4. Don't always think you are the great.
5. Don't do partialities.

This the true and correct lesson learnable from MAHABARATHA "The epic of ASTHINAPUR "

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