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Our body is a sensitive system. At some situations, doctors can’t easily detect diseases and hence it becomes too late to cure it. Use of electronic pill helps us to easily detect the diseases and can take sudden action against it. In 1972, Professor John Cooper and Dr. Eric Johannessen from Glasgow University, U.K has led to the development of electronic pill. It is a medical monitoring system. Measurement parameters of electronic pills include temperature analysis, pH measurements, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. And they can also capture images and sent it into a system. Electronic pills are swallowable. It has a 16mm diameter, a length of 55mm and 5gram weight. This pill is covered by chemically resistant polyether-terketone (PEEK) coating.

When it moves through gastro-intestinal track it starts to detect diseases and abnormalities. A small electronic pill can easily reach areas such as small intestine and large intestine and can deliver real time information to an external system. Total information will be displayed in a monitor. The electronic pill travels to the digestive system, collects data and sends it into the computer with a distance of 1 meter and more. Main parts of electronic pills are four sensors, an ASIC chip, a radio transmitter and a power source.
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