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A Tribute To The Born Legend : Sachin Tendulkar
Amazing speech....it just touched our souls...saluting the humanity ...the awesomeness of a star to be not born again...a human whose sportive spirit made a role model for the nation...united in spirits , an emotional bond that you created ... Sachin, we will miss you playing on the field but will never miss you in our hearts cause memories never die, humanity never dies. Really speechless, by th e intensity of your love, passion and humanness that touched zillion men ,women, children across the glob who will always be thankful for your Midas touch . Its not an end of a cricketing era ...rather a new beginning of humanity with sportsmanship in our hearts. I thank u Sachin on behalf of our generation , from the deepest core of my heart for spreading love and bearing the torchlight to value our roots . God Bless U...may you have amazing years in your life to come as you desire to spent your life. Amen.

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