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The Latest Bong Overseas Movie Review : Chander Pahar
Chander Pahar is a treat to eyes...its being amazing to witness life on the edge... it rekindles the hidden explorer in all of us...it makes you realize that You either become a Prey or a Predator..... So true in fact what I feel thats how life is...the harsh similarity between we the social animals and the entire animal kingdom rests upon this note...survival of the fittest.....Mountain in the Moon deals with the incessant quest for diamonds ...it explores the various near death facets of life.It leaves no wonder to the young or old eyes...cause you feel connected to it whole heartedly . Amazing Cinematography and the score gives you an adrenaline rush. To be honest its my first Dev movie... I really feel he did justice to Shankars role. Its so true...the quest for the impeccable in ones life had to undergo the sacrifices ....both emotional and physical.The reunion with the that impeccable quest...be it diamonds ...are nothing but the quest to achieve that self actualization state where your cravings and desires have undergone the test of endangerment of the unknown . To the normal eyes Chander Pahar might not meet the expectations of the book ...but personally if you are ready for this adventurous ride it is a great treat to eyes and minds like me being a novice before watching it ....Shankar teaches you how to be bold, yet one should not give up on humanity, and on lords grace. I really wished Chander Pahar had a 3D version. Life is unpredictable ....and afterall life is all about unravelling the mysterious mountains, caves, combat of isolation, death , humanity , friendship, finding true love inner mindspace. Chander Pahar reminiscences you of Robinson Crusoe to a greater extent. In fact in the words of Diego Alvarez Never give up the Explorer in You. The movie reunites the old and the young minds and eyes. The endangering wildlife teaches you how to lead a life on the edge and how one should always be upfront to combat it. The movie ends with an amazing note, it says The beasts do not kill the human , its their greed that kills them Well nothing lasts forever..what lasts are the everlasting memories which we undergo during our unpredictable lifes journey

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