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Getting ready for customer journey in Digital India: Think! It is not the same.
Digital disruption is what we are witnessing these days. The transformation from the old way of doing things to the more productive and efficient through digital means has broader sense now.

The gap between our virtual and physical lives is turning out to be non-existent. But, it still seems that we live two very different lifestyles when at work and home.

However, when we enter the workplace, many are struggling to adapt to the alternate universe when surrounded by a slow Windows desktop PC, legacy applications, and resistance to change from their colleagues.

The significant challenge facing most businesses is that the mobile-first world is already here and as consumers, we all behave very differently on our smartphones compared to a traditional computer. Convenience is everything required to consumers these days.

Businesses have been trying to understand the complex puzzle known as the customer journey for many years. However, many often fail to recognise how completely different things are when we put a smartphone in our hands.

Thanks to Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Airbnb and co, our expectation level is now set to the highest setting of 'Instant Gratification' by default. How to respond to any notification will also entirely depend on our location, mindset, mood and a wide range of human emotions. Despite this self-realization as consumers, why are so many organizations still obsessed with their visitor's page views and clicks?

Therefore, there is a Californian gold rush of sorts to leverage massive data using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Digital is about to provide the answers to what a customer wants and needs in real-time through personalized and engaging experiences.

As users we have little regard for the time and resources it takes to deliver everything we want across multiple screens, devices, and channels. This unprecedented level of customer demand is forcing all businesses to investigate how technology can help quench our insatiable thirst for whatever we want but not necessarily need.

The creation of an everything under one roof solution has been built to enable companies to transform as painlessly as possible but at a cost digitally.

We can expect a wave of technologies in every space, all promising similar solutions that are tagged with the industry buzzwords such as 'Real-time personalized customer experiences' that will undoubtedly cover every customer touch point.

It seems that just as leaders thought they had correctly mapped out their customer's journey, the rules have completely changed. For any organization to appear relevant in the eyes of impatient mobile users, they have one shot to get a tailor-made message to them, anything that misfires will be deemed either intrusive or just another spam message.

Tech headlines in the mainstream media often paint a picture of a dystopian future when talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence. The reality could be that we are simply spared the frustration of receiving irrelevant marketing messages with our name tagged at the header of the message.

This is a great concern for all the digitally enabled organizations who think following a set path for digital success would sail their boat through but I am sure you will rethink after reading the mentioned thought!

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