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The Wall's Legacy!!!
The title itself let’s all know whom I’m going to talk about!!
Yeah! Its our “Rahul Sharad Dravid” the name itself brings us to the memories of his debut at Lord’s ,historic knock at Eden Garden’s Kolkata Vs Australia.
He is the perfect ambassador of this gentleman’s game whereby nurturing the young talent at present as a coach for U-19 Indian Cricket team.
He has always filled the gaps with his cricketing skills for the team.”Whenever God of Cricket,of Off-side,of fourth innings couldn’t make off, There’s always a Wall who stood by.”
Rahul Dravid walks in to everyones mind with his right attitude of staying humble,having the patience ,the perseverance,to give your 100% in what you do, and hardwork to achieve your dreams.
So with this brief introduction I wish Mr.Dependable on his 44th Bday! For giving some wonderful memories to cherish with, also for your remarkable contributions to the Indian Cricket team from the past as a player and till now as a Coach/Mentor shaping & nurturing the young talents .
Also apart from cricketer , you are a real role model who inspire all of us with your qualities for achieving our dreams and moreover being a good human being.

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