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MIS, Operations Management, Payroll Administration
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I am unwavering, meticulous, and highly competent in Business Operations and Finance. I have consistent record of achieving best results driven work with a proven ability in implementing my work in organized manner since 38 years of my successful career. I’m expertise in Finance & Accounts, Budgeting & Costing, Administration, P&L Accountability, Cash Flow Management, Banking, Treasury Management, MIS Reporting & Auditing. I possess effective communication skills and am a team player with strong Organizational, Logical and Problem Solving Abilities.

I have a great exposure of working with large scale organizations like Wharf International Group, M/s BDL GULF FZCO, M/s Emirates Technology Company (Emitac) M/s Press Metal Corporation Limited, Calico, Velocity Systems & Solutions & M/s Chromeage Fze .I’m well versed with skills in analysis, problem solving and coordination which make me so successful and dedicated.

Demonstrated ability in coordinating financial and management reporting issues to gain a better understanding of the organization and the relationship between the organization’s day-to-day operations and the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. An effective leader, experience of identifying new deal opportunities by implementing and issuing factual financial analyses and creating different kinds of financial plans. Strong influencing and negotiation skills coupled with proven ability to think in and out of the box, generating new solution.

I’m well-acquainted with ethical standards, and with all regulations/ applicable laws. I would like to see myself growing with passing years with hard work and dedication. I have been awarded many accolades for my result oriented hard work.

Armed with multitude of competencies and work experiences, I am confident to carry forward any organization’s vision & objectives with sufficient ease and dedication towards my job responsibility.

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