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In this we will make Digital Clock with Date in Java Programming. In this Java Code two function mainly use Time and Date. This Program is written in core java using Swing. For running this program you have to install JDK in your system and then copy this code in notepad and save this file using .java extension for example . Then open command prompt and compile the file using javac date. import java.awt.Font import java.text.DateFormat import java.text.SimpleDateFormat import javax.swing.JFrame import javax.swing.JLabel import javax.swing.JPanel public class DateTime extends JFrame public JPanel showdatetime new JPanel public JLabel date new JLabelquotDatequot public JLabel time new JLabelquotTimequot public JLabel showtime new JLabelquotShow Timequot public JLabel Showdate new JLabelquotShow Datequot DateFormat dateFormat2 new SimpleDateFormatquothmmss aquot java.util.Date date2 public DateTime this.setSize700, 300 this.setResizablefalse getContentPane.addShowTimedate public JPanel ShowTimedate showdatetime.setLayoutnull showdatetime.setBounds0,100, 1030, 635 Font f f new FontquotSansSerifquot, Font.PLAIN, 15 date.setBounds50, 100, 100, 30 date.setFontf showdatetime.adddate time.setBounds350,100,100,30 time.setFontf showdatetime.addtime DateFormat dateFormat new SimpleDateFormatquotEEEEEEEEE dd MMMMMMMMM, yyyy.quot java.util.Date date new java.util.Date String dateTime dateFormat.formatdate Showdate new JLabeldateTime Showdate.setBounds150, 100, 200, 30 Showdate.setFontf showdatetime.addShowdate showtime new JLabelquotquot updateDateTime showtime.setBounds500,100,200,30 showtime.setFontf showdatetime.addshowtime return showdatetime / param args / public static void mainString args DateTime Mainwinnew DateTime Mainwin.setDefaultCloseOperationJFrame.EXITONCLOSE Mainwin.setVisibletrue public void updateDateTime Thread th new Threadnew Runnable public void run whiletrue date2 new java.util.Date String dateTime dateFormat2.formatdate2 showtime.setTextdateTime showtime.updateUI th.start

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